FAQ’s for Adult Drivers 18+

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Is DrivingQuest a valid course?

Yes! DrivingQuest is an approved online drivers ed course for the State of Texas. DPS offices will accept our course completion certificates (ADE-1317) as an accredited drivers ed program.

What age can I take the course?

aStudents must be at least 18 years of age to enroll in the course.

How long does it take to finish the course?

aAdult Drivers Ed has a total of 6 units. Each unit is approximately 60 minutes.


Adult Drivers Ed applicants need to complete:

  •  6 hours of online drivers ed. (DrivingQuest)
  •  DPS Knowledge exam (DrivingQuest)
  • Road Test (DPS or TPST School)
When do I receive my certificate?

You will receive your State of Texas – Adult Drivers Ed certificate (ADE-1317) in less than 24 hours after completing course.

I'm an adult and I need In-car driving lessons

aDPS will issue out a Restricted License once you submit the Adult Drivers Ed certificate.

With this Restricted License you can:

A: Sign up for In-car lessons with a local driving school of your choice or;

B: Complete the Road Test to get your driver license!

Why do I have to complete ITYD course?

DPS now requires Adults 18+ to complete the Impact Texas Young Driver course (ITYD) before for completing road test.

This course is a one-hour segment on distracted driving and is offered at NO COST.

Can I take my driving test with a TPST school?

Yes. Some driving schools are authorized to offer the final road-test rather than testing at DPS. If you need to complete your road test faster we highly recommend using a TPST school to complete the road test.

Each TPST school has their own pricing. Be sure to call and ask.

TPST – Third Party Skills Test site

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