TDLR Approved Course #PT174

Teen Driver’s Ed – Driving School Method

  • Take this online course to obtain your driver’s license in Texas.
  • The DPS written exam is included.
  • Our course contains audio and video instruction.
  • Receive a printable electronic certificate.
  • Complete at home or on the go.

The fastest method to obtain a license!



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Teen Driver’s Ed – Driving School Method

Earn your permit after the first 6 hours! This is THE fastest way to obtain your driver’s license!

Teen Drivers Ed – Driving School Method:

Phase 1: 32 Hours of Classwork Online With Driving Quest

Phase 2: 14 Hours behind the wheel with a local driving school

If you are looking to complete behind-the-wheel hours with a parent/guardian please visit
Teen Drivers Ed – Parent Taught Method

Fast and Easy Steps

Get your Texas license today!

Purchase and
Complete Course

Register for the Adult Driver’s Ed course online. Once you pay, you can enroll the student who will be taking the course.

Pass DPS Written

Once you have finished the course you will then take the DPS Written Exam online. The written exam is multiple choice and contains 40 questions. A practice test will be included

Submit to DPS

Print the certificate and present it to your local DPS office. They will take your picture, perform an eye exam, and take your fingerprints. You will also be able to schedule your driving test.

Finish Remaining Hours

COMPLETE the remaining 26-hours of the Online Course. Your learner's license permit is good for 6 months.

Begin Behind-the -Wheel Training

After obtaining the learner's license, you will c mplete 44 hours of behind-the -wheel training with a driving school.

Pass Your
Driving Test

After passing your driving test you will be awarded your DRIVER’S LICENSE!

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Teen Drivers Ed Frequently Asked Questions

For Ages 14-17 | TDLR #C2603

  • What is Instructor-Led Drivers Ed?

    Instructor Taught Drivers Ed (Teen Drivers Ed Online) – Satisfied the 32 hour classroom instruction requirement only.

    The 14 hours of behind-the-wheel training MUST be complete with a local driving school in your area. Keep in mind that you are still responsible for paying the driving school fees.

  • What ages can take this course?

    Students ages 14-17 are eligible to take Parent-Taught Drivers Ed/Teen Drivers Ed.

  • Does the Course Include Written Exam?

    Yes! Our course includes the official DPS written exam. We will send your a permit certificate once you complete the first six(6) hours of the course.

  • How many hours can I complete in one day?

    State law allows teens to complete a maximum of two(2) hours of class instruction per day.

  • What happens after passing written exam?

    Step 1:Complete first six(6) hours of DrivingQuest course.

    Step 2: Submit permit certificate to DPS

    Items Needed:

    • DE-964 Certificate (DrivingQuest)
    • Verification of Enrollment (VOE)
    • Social Security Card & Birth Certificate
    • Two(2) utility bills showing proof of address.

    Step 3: Finish remaining hours of DrivingQuest course.

    Step 4: Finish Driving hours with a local driving school.

    Step 5: Complete ITTD course (Impact Texas Teen Driver)

    Step 6:PASS DRIVING TEST & Get License!

  • Will I receive permit certificate after first six hours?

    Yes. Your permit certificate will be issued out within 1-2 hours after completing Unit 6. If you did not receive your certificate via email please contact 1-2 hours after completing. If you did not receive your certificate via email please contact 877.900.0030.

  • What is ITTD course?

    Impact Texas Teen Driver course –is a 2 hour course required after completing the 32 hour classroom course and 44 hours of behind the wheel training. BUT this course must be complete BEFORE the road test.

Certificate Delivery in Hours

In a hurry? We will send your certificate by email 1-2 hours after you
pass the test so you can get on the road faster!

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