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Benefits of Online Drivers Ed in Texas

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Driving is an essential skill that everyone needs to master, especially in a country like the US where public transport is not very reliable. To drive safely and legally on roads, you need a driver’s license. If you learn to drive and gain a driver’s license, you can get about without being dependent on anybody.

In Texas, the exact requirements for getting a driver’s license depending on the age of the applicant. Teens have to meet more requirements than adults. In this article, we will explain the benefits of online driver’s education courses for both teenagers and adults.

Teens can get their first driver’s license by taking driving classes in high school. This is the traditional route. If you are no longer a teen, you can attend a driving school. However, these days, the most popular choice for both teens and adults is online driver’s education. It is the most convenient way for most people to get ready for their driving test.

So, what are the benefits of online driver’s ed in Texas?

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If you are a teenager, Texas law insists that you should successfully complete a driver’s education program, consisting of two parts – a classroom component and behind-the-wheel training.

The classroom portion consists of 32 hours of driver’s education. You can take this course at a school or a private learning center. You also have the option to take this course online and that is the most convenient. On-the-road training must have at least seven hours of behind-the-wheel learning, another seven hours of driving observation, and 30 hours of extra practice. At least 10 hours of this additional practice should include night driving. You can receive this training through a driving institution or approved supervision.

If you are over 18

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Adults aged between 18 and 24 have fewer requirements to complete. They only need to complete a six-hour driving course. Once they have completed this course, they can take their written DPS examination and complete the road rest. They do not require on-the-road training. If you are in this category, you can take this course online or through a driving school.

If you are over 25, you do not have to fulfill these requirements. You only have to pass the written examination and take the road test. Even so, it is a good idea to take an adult driving education course online. So, what are the benefits of online driver’s ed if you are over 25?

You gain more confidence to take the test. You also gain enough knowledge to pass the written examination. Better still, you learn important basics of driving like road rules, car safety, and accident avoidance.

Classroom and online programs both have the same number of hours of learning. That means you have to complete 32 hours of learning before you can get a driving license. If you are a teenager, you also have to gain 44 hours of on-the-road driving experience. If you are aged between 18 and 24, you have to do a six-hour adult education course online.

The online driver’s course helps you complete the 6 or 32 hours of classroom learning required by Texas.

Teenagers need to finish the first six hours of the course before taking the written examination to gain their learner’s permit. Afterward, they have to complete the remainder of the course. Adults should complete six hours of learning before they can write the DPS examination.

The main advantage of doing a driver’s education course online is that you can study at a time and pace convenient to you. Once you have completed the course curriculum and passed the DPS exam, you can take a printout of the certificate. On the day of the driving test, take this certificate to DPS and you are ready to go.

It should be noted that not all driver’s education courses are equal. To receive the best training for your written examination, you have to choose a course certified and approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and DPS.

If the course is approved by DPS, you get to enjoy the following benefits.

The instruction material prepares you for the written examinations.

There are enough hours to fulfill all the state requirements.

You also have the opportunity to take the written examination at home.

The certificate of completion that you receive after completing the online course is accepted for the driving test. Better still, you have the assurance that you are getting training that satisfies the requirements of Texas.

The cost of the online driver’s education course in Texas depends on which course you select. All courses are affordable. Even so, courses for teenagers are pricier than online courses for adults.

Here are other benefits of online driver’s education


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Online courses are more affordable than regular courses offered by private driving schools.


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Online courses are a lot more accessible than regular classroom programs. You can study at a pace and time convenient for you. Most online programs give you 45 days to finish the program. That means you have to devote less than an hour a day to complete the course.


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You can take the written examination at home. Some online driver’s education programs give you three attempts to pass the test.

If you take the online course in Texas, how can you complete the driving part of the training?

Online courses do not offer the driving portion. You have to complete the behind-the-wheel training with an approved supervisor. Or you can enroll in an approved driving school.

Learning how to drive is both fun and useful. It is one of the basic skills that will be useful to you throughout your life. Get your driver’s license by completing an approved online driver’s education course. Reputable online driving education providers offer multiple course options suitable for both adults and teens. These courses are approved by courts and meet the requirements of the state. They are definitely the most convenient and fastest way for you to get on the road.

Online Driver’s Ed Pros and Cons

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Almost everyone owns a smartphone with an internet connection these days. These portable devices can be used not only for making calls but also for learning lessons online. Online education has become quite popular over the years. Many lessons that were previously taught by a teacher in a classroom can now be learned online using a smartphone or computer. Driver’s education is no different. Gone are the days when you had to attend a driving school in person to get ready for your driving test. Now you can complete the course online, get the course completion certificate, print it out, and take it to DPS on the day of your test. Online driver’s education is the number one choice of tech-savvy teens and young adults. So, what are the advantages of online driver’s ed? Is it better than in-person training? Well, it depends.

In this article, we will give you the pros and cons of online driver’s education courses so that you can decide which one you should take.

Keep in mind that online driver’s education is not perfect. It has certain flaws, but it is certainly a lot more convenient and affordable than regular driving courses.

So, what are the pros and cons of online driver’s education courses?

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While it is true that online courses are more convenient and popular, in-person classes help students learn more quickly. The presence of a teacher and other students in the classroom certainly makes learning easier. However, online classes do have an important advantage over regular classroom lessons. They allow students to take the class at a time that is convenient to them. Better still, they can learn at their own pace. This makes it a very useful tool for students who are busy with classes and part-time jobs. Attending a regular driving school in person, on the other hand, requires you to make some major changes to your usual schedule for a couple of weeks. If you do not mind this, in-person learning is probably a better choice for you. For those who do not have that luxury, online learning may be better.

Pros of online driver’s ed

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This is what makes online driver’s ed more popular than regular classes. You can take the courses at any time and from anywhere. As a result, you can complete the lessons faster or slower. This is not the case with in-person classes, where you cannot determine the pace of learning.


Online courses are much more affordable than regular courses. This is because when it comes to online driver’s education, there is no formal instructor. Furthermore, online course providers do not have to invest in physical capital like classrooms. Hence, they can offer their course at a much more affordable price. So, if you do not have much money to spend on driver’s ed, online courses are definitely the best choice you have.

Growing acceptance

Several states in the US, including Texas, allow driving students to take the online driver’s education course. Just make sure that you are taking a course approved by your state. The course should cover everything you need to know to meet the requirements and teach you enough to pass your driving test. This will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Pros of In-Person Driver’s Ed

When you opt for an in-person course, you have the opportunity to interact with your teachers and fellow students. This is helpful if you have doubts regarding the course content. In most cases, your doubts will be cleared then and there by the teacher or a fellow student. This is not exactly the case with online driver’s ed. It can take considerably longer to get your doubts cleared.

Cons of Online Driver’s Ed

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Just like in-person courses, online courses are also highly regulated. The course contains a lot of information, and if it is not presented intuitively, learning can become difficult. Not having access to a human instructor can also be a source of concern. But you can avoid this problem to a large extent if you choose a well-known course that has good reviews from past students.

Also, fast learners can finish these courses in less time, but if you aren’t interested in what you’re learning, it may take you longer than usual to finish your online driver’s ed. Some online courses also restrict the amount of time a student can spend on their coursework each day.

Too many options to choose from

There are lots and lots of online driving schools. While it is good to have choices, sometimes having too many choices can make it difficult to find the best course for you or your child. Before you pick an online course, you should check to see if it is okay with your state. You should also check their references to ensure that they are not scammers. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to find quality online driving schools.

In-Person Driver’s Ed


Regardless of whether you are a teen or an adult, chances are you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult for you to sit in a physical classroom for a few hours a week. You could be busy with your classes or work. Online driver’s education classes are a big help in this situation because you can take them when it works best for you. Even if you don’t have a lot going on, you might still like the freedom that online driving schools give you.

Our Recommendation

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Online driver’s education courses are lifesavers if you are smart enough to choose one that suits your budget and needs. Before selecting a course, read their reviews online or ask for recommendations from friends and relatives. If they have already done online driver’s ed, they can point you in the right direction. Carefully review the credentials of the course provider before signing up. Trusted online driving schools are the best way to prepare for your driving test and get your license as quickly, safely, and easily as possible.

How to Get a Texas Driver’s License

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If you are a Texas resident looking to apply for a driver’s license, we have got some useful information for you.

A lot of people have difficulty making sense of the requirements for a driver’s license in Texas. Don’t worry. We have put together a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to get a Texas driver’s license

What procedures are involved in getting a learner’s permit in Texas?

You should possess a permit before you can apply for a license in Texas.

You can start your driver’s education as soon as you turn 14. At 15, you are eligible to receive your learner’s permit or instruction permit. And when you turn 16, that learner’s permit can be converted into a license. In short, it means you have to spend a year learning the basics of driving without actually driving. Then you have another year of learning during which you can drive with an experienced and licensed driver. Finally, when you receive your license at 16, you can drive without being accompanied by a licensed driver. There are still some limitations on when and where you can drive.

To get a learner’s permit in Texas, the first thing you need to do is to join a driver’s ed course. There are two types of courses approved by the state.

Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE)

This course allows you to be in the driver’s seat after finishing just 6 hours of it. It includes a written exam conducted by Texas DPS, behind the wheel training, and a parent account.

Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed

If your father or mother is not in a position to instruct you, you should opt for this course. It includes a written exam conducted by Texas DPS. You have the opportunity to select the behind the wheel provider for you.

How to get a Texas driver’s license?

With the learner’s permit, you can only drive with a parent or a licensed adult who is over 21. Can you obtain a driver’s license at 16? Yes, 16-year-olds can have their provisional license after they have had their learner’s permit for six months and passed the driving exam. Those under 18 have to hold a learner’s permit for six months before they can receive their Texas driver’s license.

If you are over 18

The process is similar for adults who want to learn to drive. The only main difference is that while those aged 14-17 take the Teen Drivers Ed, those aged 18 and over take the Adult Drivers Ed. If you are over 25, you do not have to take driver’s Ed though it is recommended.

So, taking driver’s ed is the first thing you should do to get a driver’s license. Plenty of driver’s ed courses are available in Texas.

Teen drivers ed has 2 separate portions.

The classroom program is of 32 hours. You can take the course for up to 2 hours per day. The Behind the wheel learning program is of 44 hours, and it is limited to one hour per day.

You can take both types of learning programs concurrently. However, you are still limited to 2 hours of learning per day. That means if you take the one-hour-long behind the wheel learning program on a particular day, you are limited to one hour of classroom learning on that day.

What is meant by behind the wheel?

To put it simply, it is that phase of your learning where you can put into practice what you learned in the classroom.

It involves the following

  • Observe your parent or instructor driving the vehicle (7 hours)
  • Drive under the coaching of your parent or instructor (7 hours)
  • Drive with a licensed driver who is over 21 years of age (30 hours of driving practice – 20 hours during the day and 10 hours at night)

Some teen driver’s ed courses require you to complete classroom learning before you can get behind the wheel. Others opt for the concurrent method. In this case, you will get your learner’s permit once you finish 6 hours of classroom instruction. Afterward, you can complete both phases together.

Three types of teen drivers ed programs

Drivers Ed Course conducted at Public Schools

These courses are not available at every public school. Some do offer them at night or during the summer vacation. As there are only a few seats, you have to sign up well in advance. Some schools offer only the classroom course, while others offer both courses.

Drivers Ed courses offered by a Driver Training School

These schools are mainly meant for behind the wheel training. Some schools do offer the classroom module as well. But generally speaking, many of these schools require you to do the classroom coursework online at a company they have partnered with.

Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE)

PTDE does not mean that the parent has to do all the teaching. That is not the case. However, in this case, the parent is responsible for monitoring their teenage son or daughter for the entire 44 hours of their behind the wheel practice. Most parents will simply choose an online driver’s ed program for the classroom part and then be present with their children as they drive. PTDE is quite cheap and convenient; however, not every parent is eligible to be a teacher. If your parent has been convicted of a DUI or has had their license taken away during the last three years, they cannot teach driver’s ed.

Texas Adult Drivers Ed

If you are an adult (18 or over), you still have to take your driver’s ed. It is a six-hour course that you can do online or at a regular driving school. You don’t need a learner’s permit. Nor do you have to complete the behind the wheel training.

Texas Learner Permit Requirements

To get the learner’s permit, you have to take a written exam. You should take the completion certificate that you will receive after passing the exam to the local Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office. To complete the paperwork you should have a parent or guardian with you.

What to Know about Online Driving Courses for Teens

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Teens are not exactly known for being careful. So, what will happen when they get behind the wheel? If you look at statistics, it is not hard to see that teenage drivers are responsible for a major proportion of road accidents.

Texas is a populous state with numerous highways and interstates across it. This makes driving safety particularly crucial in Texas.

Ask any teen driver if they are a great driver, and you will always receive a yes for an answer. This, however, is not always the case. Some teen drivers enjoy speeding. Some others get distracted easily and crash their car. Some of them are aggressive and show no concern for traffic rules. As a result, every day, without fail, traffic cops in Texas issue tickets for speeding and other traffic violations. If you are a teenage driver in Texas fined for a traffic violation, in most cases, you have the opportunity to approach a court for getting permission to do a state-approved driving course online.

Of course, some teens assume that paying the fine and getting points added to their driving record is faster than doing a course. However, there are plenty of reasons to complete a defensive driving course in Texas online.

What are the advantages of taking an online driving course?

These are self-taught programs that allow teens to train at their own pace. You can start learning as soon as you join the program, as no instructor approval is required. The online driving courses come with a learner’s permit exam that can be taken online. These courses are also approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

The online driving courses teach:

  • Drivers Ed Preparation
  • Traffic Laws
  • Risk Reduction and Management
  • Vehicle Movements
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Distractions
  • Adverse Circumstances

And many more

These online courses are the fastest way for you to fulfill all the requirements for a driver’s permit and get behind the wheel. When you complete the first module of your online course, you can take the permit exam online. When you pass the exam, the learner’s permit certificate will be emailed to you. You can then approach Texas DPS with this certificate and get your permit. Once you get the permit, you can start the actual driving practice behind the wheel.

How does online driver’s ed work in Texas?

Texas online driver’s ed allows teenagers to master the basics of safe driving without having to attend a classroom program. As this is a self-taught program, you don’t have to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. That means the course will in no way affect your schedule.

What is covered in the online driver’s ed in Texas?

The Texas Drivers Ed teaches traffic laws and defensive driving habits to teens. The course teaches teens how to share the road with other drivers, handle emergencies, read traffic signs and signals and avoid distractions. This self-paced online course includes thirty-two hours of learning.

How to obtain your Texas Learner’s Permit

Teenagers aged 15-17 can take the learner’s permit exam online after completing the first module of the course, lasting about six hours. Once they pass the permit exam, they will be emailed a Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964) by email. Visit the driver’s license office with your parent or guardian and show your driver’s ed certificate and other required documents to get your learner’s permit. The documents that you need to submit include your identity card, proof of residence, insurance policy, vehicle registration document, and school enrollment.

Your photo will be taken and your signature and thumb impressions will be recorded if you fulfill all the requirements for your permit. You have to pay the application fee and pass an eye examination. You will then be issued a temporary license. In about 2-3 weeks, you will receive the official learner’s permit in the mail.

Advantages of doing a Texas driving course online

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Here are some reasons for completing a Texas driving course online

Cleaner Driving Record

In Texas, the points that they add to your driving records will remain there for 3 years. The more points you accumulate, the higher your insurance rates. What’s more, if you collect too many points in a very short period, they may revoke or suspend your driving license. You also run the risk of getting surcharges imposed on you.

If you complete a driver safety course online, the points that are currently associated with your pending infraction will be dismissed, and your driving record will be clean. It is essential to not collect points if you want to keep your insurance rates low and prevent surcharges.

No Heavy Fines

In Texas, you can have certain kinds of traffic violations dismissed in court if you do a driving course online within a specified period. Some tickets may carry fines amounting to several hundred dollars. You need to pay the court fee as well, and it can be 100 USD or more.

If you do a 6-hour defensive driving course online in Texas, you will not have to pay a fine for your infraction. While you still have to pay the court fee, your savings will run into hundreds of dollars.


One of the biggest advantages of doing an online driving safety course is that you can do it at a time and place convenient to you. You don’t have to take time off of your busy schedule and attend a class with several other learners. You can access the course on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Higher Convenience

As per the most recent laws in Texas, course providers can send completion certificates to learners via email. This makes it even more convenient as you do not have to wait for the postman to deliver the certificate. Once you receive the emailed certificate, you can print it out and submit it to the court to have the infraction dismissed or points forgiven.

Save on Your Insurance Premium

Completing a driving course online also enables you to save up to 10% on your insurance premium for three years with some insurance companies. That means, that even if you don’t have any infractions, doing the course can save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance.

10 Things to Know about Online Drivers Ed in Texas

When it comes time to get your first driver’s license, you can pursue the traditional routes of taking classes in a high school (If you are a teen) or attending a private driving school in person, but did you know you have another option? Online driver’s education is an increasingly popular, and extremely convenient, way to prepare for your driving test. Here is a look at 10 of the most important questions you may have about this exciting option.

What do I need for driver’s ed in Texas if I am a teenager?

Texas requires every teenager under the age of 18 to complete a two-part education: A classroom portion and behind-the-wheel training.
The classroom portion of training must consist of 32 hours of relevant education. This education may be delivered through a school, private classroom, or an online course, such as any of those offered by Driving Quest.
The on-the-road training consists of at least 7 hours of instruction behind the wheel, 7 hours of driving observation, and 30 hours of additional practice including at least 10 hours of night driving. This training can be accomplished through approved supervision or through a driving school.

What do I need for driver’s ed in Texas if I am over the age of 18?

Adults between the ages of 18 and 24 have fewer driving education requirements. The state only requires them to complete a 6-hour driving course before taking their written DPS exam and completing their road test. No on-the-road training minimums are required. Individuals who fall into this category can complete this course either through a driving school or through an adult online driver’s education course such as that provided at Driving Quest.

Do you need to take adult driver’s ed in Texas if you are over 25 years of age?

Anyone younger than 25 years of age must complete the state’s classroom and (if a teen) behind-the-wheel training portions of driving education before they can take their road test and get their driver’s license.

Individuals who are 25 years of age or older, however, are not subject to these same requirements. They simply need to pass the written exam and the road test.

However, an online adult driving education course in Texas can still be a good idea. Here is a look at some of the biggest benefits of taking a driver’s ed course even if you are over 25:

  • Gain knowledge to pass your written test.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Learn important driving basics, including accident avoidance, road rules, and car safety features.
  • Learn tips for how to drive in challenging conditions.

How many hours of online driver’s ed do you need in Texas?

If you choose to take online driver’s ed in Texas, you will need to complete the same amount of hours as if you took your course in the classroom. This means that you will need to complete a total of 32 hours of driving education before you can get your driver’s license, plus the 44 hours of on-the-road experience required by the state, if you are a teen. If you are between the ages of 18 and 24, you will need to complete a 6-hour online adult driving education course approved by the state of Texas.

How does online driver’s ed work in Texas?

An online driving course in Texas typically helps you to fulfill the 32 or 6 hours of classroom instruction required by Texas as part of your driving preparation.

If you are a teen, you complete the first 6 hours of the course and then take your written exam to earn your learner’s permit before completing the remainder of the course. If you are an adult, you complete the course’s 6 hours of instruction before taking the written DPS exam.

Because your curriculum is online, you can study at your own pace while completing your driving practice. Once your curriculum is complete and your DPS written exam is passed, you can print out a certificate to take to DPS on the day of your driving test.

Is online driver’s ed allowed in Texas?

The Texas Department of Safety allows you to take online driving education courses in the state. However, not every course is created equal.

In order to ensure that you receive the best preparation for your written exam, you need to choose a course, like any of those offered here at Driving Quest, that is certified and approved by DPS and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

TDLR/DPS approval of a course gives you the following benefits:

  • Material that prepares you well for your written exams
  • Enough hours to satisfy state requirements
  • The ability to take your written exam at home
  • A certificate of completion that will be accepted at your driving test
  • Peace of mind that you are receiving preparation that meets Texas state requirements

What is the cost of driver’s ed online in Texas?

The cost of your Texas online driver’s ed course will vary depending upon which course you choose. Typically, courses for adults are less expensive than courses for teenagers, but all courses are usually very affordable. At Driving Quest, you can expect to pay less than $300 for any of our courses, making a convenient online driver’s ed course easy to fit into the budget.

What are the benefits of taking online driver’s ed in Texas?

Taking a driver’s ed online course in Texas that is state-approved has a number of benefits for any student of any age. Here are some of the most important.


Most online driver’s ed courses cost less than paying for a course at a driving school.


With online driver’s ed courses, you can access the curriculum at any time and study at your own pace. At Driving Quest, we give you 45 days to complete your course, which is less than an hour a day devoted to your driving education.


Prepare for and take your written exam at home. No need to spend hours in a classroom or travel to sit for your exam. And, at Driving Quest, you get 3 attempts to pass your exam, which makes it even easier to get ready for your driving test.

How do I complete the driving portion of my education if I take an online driver’s ed course?

An online driver’s ed course in Texas cannot provide you with the driving portion of your preparation. In order to complete your on-the-road training, you will need to either complete your driving portion of your education with an approved supervisor or you will need to enroll in a driving school.

What is the best online driver’s ed in Texas?

The best online driver’s education courses in Texas will provide you with the flexibility and preparation you need to succeed in your goal of earning a Texas driver’s license. Here are some of the features the best courses will offer you:

  • State-approved material
  • Opportunity to take DPS written exam at home
  • Multiple opportunities to pass your written exam
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Affordable prices
  • Strong reputation
  • Prompt delivery of certificate
  • Audio and video content
  • Bilingual content

If you are looking for a convenient, state-approved online driving education course for Texas, then Driving Quest might just be the right choice for you. Our multiple course options are ideal for teens and adults. Our defensive driving course is accepted by all courts, and every single one of our courses meets state requirements to get you on the road faster. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!