Benefits of Online Drivers Ed in Texas

Benefits of Online Drivers Ed in Texas

Driving is an essential skill that everyone needs to master, especially in a country like the US where public transport is not very reliable. To drive safely and legally on roads, you need a driver’s license. If you learn to drive and gain a driver’s license, you can get about without being dependent on anybody.

In Texas, the exact requirements for getting a driver’s license depend on the age of the applicant. Teens have to meet more requirements than adults. In this article, we will explain the benefits of online driver’s education courses for both teenagers and adults.

Teens can get their first driver’s license by taking driving classes in high school. This is the traditional route. If you are no longer a teen, you can attend a driving school. However, these days, the most popular choice for both teens and adults is online driver’s education. It is the most convenient way for most people to get ready for their driving test.

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So, what are the benefits of online driver’s ed in Texas?

If you are a teenager, Texas law insists that you should successfully complete a driver’s education program, consisting of two parts – a classroom component and behind-the-wheel training.

The classroom portion consists of 32 hours of driver’s education. You can take this course at a school or a private learning center. You also have the option to take this course online and that is the most convenient. On-the-road training must have at least seven hours of behind-the-wheel learning, another seven hours of driving observation, and 30 hours of extra practice. At least 10 hours of this additional practice should include night driving. You can receive this training through a driving institution or approved supervision.

If you are over 18

Adults aged between 18 and 24 have fewer requirements to complete. They only need to complete a six-hour driving course. Once they have completed this course, they can take their written DPS examination and complete the road rest. They do not require on-the-road training. If you are in this category, you can take this course online or through a driving school.

If you are over 25, you do not have to fulfill these requirements. You only have to pass the written examination and take the road test. Even so, it is a good idea to take an adult driving education course online. So, what are the benefits of online driver’s ed if you are over 25?

You gain more confidence to take the test. You also gain enough knowledge to pass the written examination. Better still, you learn important basics of driving like road rules, car safety, and accident avoidance.

Classroom and online programs both have the same number of hours of learning. That means you have to complete 32 hours of learning before you can get a driving license. If you are a teenager, you also have to gain 44 hours of on-the-road driving experience. If you are aged between 18 and 24, you have to do a six-hour adult education course online.

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The online driver’s course helps you complete the 6 or 32 hours of classroom learning required by Texas.

Teenagers need to finish the first six hours of the course before taking the written examination to gain their learner’s permit. Afterward, they have to complete the remainder of the course. Adults should complete six hours of learning before they can write the DPS examination.

The main advantage of doing a driver’s education course online is that you can study at a time and pace convenient to you. Once you have completed the course curriculum and passed the DPS exam, you can take a printout of the certificate. On the day of the driving test, take this certificate to DPS and you are ready to go.

It should be noted that not all driver’s education courses are equal. To receive the best training for your written examination, you have to choose a course certified and approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and DPS.

  • If the course is approved by DPS, you get to enjoy the following benefits.
  • The instruction material prepares you for the written examinations.
  • There are enough hours to fulfill all the state requirements.
  • You also have the opportunity to take the written examination at home.

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The certificate of completion that you receive after completing the online course is accepted for the driving test. Better still, you have the assurance that you are getting training that satisfies the requirements of Texas.

The cost of the online driver’s education course in Texas depends on which course you select. All courses are affordable. Even so, courses for teenagers are pricier than online courses for adults.

Here are other benefits of online driver’s education


Online courses are more affordable than regular courses offered by private driving schools.


Online courses are a lot more accessible than regular classroom programs. You can study at a pace and time convenient for you. Most online programs give you 45 days to finish the program. That means you have to devote less than an hour a day to complete the course.

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You can take the written examination at home. Some online driver’s education programs give you three attempts to pass the test.

If you take the online course in Texas, how can you complete the driving part of the training?

Online courses do not offer the driving portion. You have to complete the behind-the-wheel training with an approved supervisor. Or you can enroll in an approved driving school.

Learning how to drive is both fun and useful. It is one of the basic skills that will be useful to you throughout your life. Get your driver’s license by completing an approved online driver’s education course. Reputable online driving education providers offer multiple course options suitable for both adults and teens. These courses are approved by courts and meet the requirements of the state. They are definitely the most convenient and fastest way for you to get on the road.

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