DrivingQuest Defensive Driving Course Contract

This DrivingQuest LLC Terms of Use Agreement (“CONTRACT”) is a legal agreement between (“STUDENT”) and DrivingQuest LLC. (“DrivingQuest”). Verbal assurances or promises not contained herein or in the Terms of Access on DrivingQuest’s Website shall not bind DrivingQuest or STUDENT. By clicking on the ACCEPT button at the bottom of this CONTRACT and using the DrivingQuest driving safety course service, STUDENT agrees to be bound by the terms of this CONTRACT. The term “DrivingQuest Website” used herein shall refer to the website at www.DrivingQuest.com.

Security and Validation Policy

STUDENT acknowledges that: (i) it is illegal to attempt to circumvent this Online course; (ii) validation mechanisms are in place to prevent circumvention of the Online course ; (iii) any attempt to circumvent this state-approved driving safety course may result in loss of Certificate of Course Completion, court fines, higher insurance premiums and/or forfeiture of payment for the course; and (iv) circumvention includes, but is not limited to, having someone other than the registered STUDENT taking or participating in the Online Course for STUDENT. STUDENT represents that the information provided to DrivingQuest is true and correct and that if DrivingQuest determines that STUDENT has misrepresented his/her identity, STUDENT will be removed from the Online course and will forfeit any and all fees. STUDENT acknowledges that misrepresenting his/her identity in order to complete this state-approved course may constitute perjury and other criminal violations, which may be punishable by a maximum 10-year prison term and a $10,000.00 fine, in addition to possible civil penalties. STUDENT understands, agrees, and hereby expressly consents to DrivingQuest accessing and using third-party databases (pertaining to drivers licenses, DMV records, credit information, housing history, and other data containing STUDENT’s personal information) to obtain information to verify the accuracy of personal information submitted by STUDENT to DrivingQuest, prevent fraud or for any other permissible purpose. DrivingQuest may request that STUDENT provide a notarized Statement of Assurance verifying STUDENT’s identity and compliance with this Security and Validation Policy. STUDENT agrees to provide such Statement of Assurance if requested by DrivingQuest.

Driving Safety School Information

Legal Name: DrivingQuest LLC
School License Number: CP020
School Instructor: Rolando Gonzalez
School Instructor Number: 2716
Course Title: DrivingQuest Defensive Driving Course
Payment Method: Credit Card or PayPal
Number of Class Lessons: 10 units and final exam.
Course Length: 360 minutes

Course Schedule

The Online course shall generally be accessible and available to STUDENT twenty-four (24) hours per day following receipt of payment for the Online Course (“COURSE START”). STUDENT’s access to and use of the Online course shall be subject to the license granted herein. STUDENT will have 45 days from COURSE START to successfully complete the Online course. STUDENT must have an Apple iOS device running operating system 6.0 or higher. At this time, the course is accessible through iOS devices, Android devices, Tablets, and computers with Internet browsers. Circumstances that would affect the twenty-four-hour availability of the Online course include, but are not limited to, system failure, site failure, user and provider connection failures, and user and provider phone line failure. STUDENT hereby assumes all responsibility for the equipment, systems, requirements, procedures, and/or other matters related to STUDENT’s ability to access the Online course. If at any time, STUDENT is unable to access the Online course, DrivingQuest will adjust the COURSE END date to reflect the period of time when access was unavailable, if and only if, STUDENT contacts DrivingQuest by telephone (877) 900-0030 and informs DrivingQuest of the unavailability of access, and if the unavailability of access is the fault of DrivingQuest. STUDENT acknowledges and agrees that interruptions in Internet service may occur over which DrivingQuest has no control or responsibility.

Refund Policy

DrivingQuest defensive driving courses are fully refundable if the student has not started the course AND if the refund request is made within 30 days of purchase. If the purchase was made via credit card or Pay Pal, please contact customer support (support@DrivingQuest.com) to request a refund.


STUDENT hereby acknowledges and agrees that he or she will be the sole person taking the Online course and answering the questions and will do so without assistance from a source other than the Online course or a DrivingQuest representative. To receive a Certificate of Completion, STUDENT must score at least 70% on the Online course level assessment. If the STUDENT fails to receive 70% on the Online course level assessment, the STUDENT may review the Online course topics in the failed level and retake the Online course level assessment a total of three times if needed. If on the third Online course level assessment, STUDENT fails to receive a 70%, STUDENT fails the Online course and is not entitled to a refund. In addition, STUDENT acknowledges that if STUDENT fails to meet the minimum state requirements relating to the Course Validation Questions, Video Questions, or the Personal Validation Questions, STUDENT will fail the Online course and not be entitled to a refund. The Online course is not considered complete until, and DrivingQuest’s issuance of the Certificate of Completion is contingent upon: (i) STUDENT’s successful completion of the Online course, (ii) verification that the Online course was successfully completed by STUDENT, (iii) STUDENT’s payment of all fees owed to DrivingQuest, and (iv) STUDENT’s compliance with the terms of this CONTRACT (collectively “COURSE COMPLETION”). STUDENT acknowledges that DrivingQuest is prohibited from issuing a Certificate of Completion if STUDENT has not met all of the requirements for COURSE COMPLETION and STUDENT agrees not to accept a Certificate of Completion if STUDENT has not met all such requirements, including payment of fees owed to DrivingQuest. STUDENT acknowledges that a student who signs a Certificate of Completion commits a Class C misdemeanor if 6 hours of instruction have not been received or if the student falsifies any information on the Certificate of Completion. The “Online course COMPLETION DATE” printed on the state-issued Certificate of Completion is based on the Central Standard Time zone regardless of the location of the STUDENT. If STUDENT successfully completes the Online course and does not receive the state-issued Certificate of Completion within 10 business days, STUDENT must contact DrivingQuest within thirty (30) days of completion to request a duplicate. The fee for a duplicate uniform certificate of course completion is $10. If the STUDENT requests a duplicate within thirty (30) days of the date of issue of the original certificate because the original was not received or was damaged so as to be unusable or was issued with errors due to no fault of the student, DrivingQuest will issue a duplicate at no cost to the student.


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